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Fundamentals STC
Price and Valuation
Price to Sales
Price to Operating Cash Flow Per Share
Price to Book value
Dividend Policy
Dividend Yield (%)
Av. Dividend per share (cents)
Dividend Payout
Dividend Cover
Sustainable growth (%)
EPS Growth (1 Yr)
Dividend Growth (1Yr)
Cashflow Growth (1yr)
Gross Profit Margin (%)
Net Profit Margin (%)
Earnings Yield (%)
Management Effectiveness
ROE (%)
ROCE (%)
Asset Turnover
Turnover per employee (€)
Staff cost per employee (€)
Number οf employees
Financial Strength
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Interest Coverage
Stock Days
Debtor Days
Creditor Days
Working Capital Days
Gearing Ratio - Basis 1 (%)
Gearing Ratio - Basis 2 (%)
Long term Debt (€)
Total Debt (€)
Per share
EPS - Av. (cents)
EPS -Tot. (cents)
Net Oper. Cash Flow per share (cents)
Book Value per Share (cents)
Equity Per Share (cents)
Average number of shares
Total number of shares